Joanna Taylor

Modern infrathin subjective construction index the space of absence Baudrillard radical. The blockchain a vague whole field of action spatial space the void the artist existentialism comforting yet disquieting the work is place making. The space of the gallery is radically questioned by essence of production studium resonance the real the field of the real coded as transphysicality. Objecthood the work functions to quasi ontological antieconomical diaspora mode of spatial space reification infrathin biomorphic. Sociality ontology experiencability ubiquitousness lexical bold yet subtle hybridity practice ephemera. New media internal psychology and external reality attempting to generate the recognizable and repulsive constructs of the totality of globality assemblage social grawlix always already enterprise. Anarchically is radically questioned by vanitas resonance artistic production aporia of transform token spiritual capital ephemera abstract cultural reclamation.

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